Don Jamon Bellota is the brand created by ‘Peninber Seleccion s.l’, a Spanish company whose aim is to promote quality products from the Iberian Peninsula. Iberian ham has too often fallen prey to the cupidity of some of its more unscrupulous marketers who pass off Cebos for Bellotas, Serrano for Iberian ham (Pata negra), or yet lie about how long a given piece of meat was cured for.

Don Jamon Bellota prides itself in offering the best quality products available and has over the years surrounded itself with professionals and friends who all hold dear a keen appreciation for the finer things of life, and of which Iberian ham is most certainly a proud proponent! Some have over 50 years of experience and the common motto to all remains ‘trust does not exclude control’. Be it Manolo, Juan, Carlos, Thomas, Yolanda or Jusep Maria, they all play their part in helping us select the best of the best: the best product at the best price! Our greatest pleasure comes from reading testimonials of satisfied clients, whose trust and satisfaction is of tantamount importance to us.

Do not hesitate to drop us a message if you too were satisfied with our products, and feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions regarding our range of products, our services (prestige events), or specific needs you may have.